damn is hugh hefner 


damn is hugh hefner 

YES LMAO like casually watching tv

YES, YES, YES, Totes when Jezza is on and they’re arguing over who stole that £100 and fake gold ring off their mum. :’)

I am not weird I swear


seriously, how wonderful is it to be a beautiful English girl? I am an ugly American boy and I like it enough cause my wife is a gorgeous angel, but I really want to just be a pretty English Girl who find's herself a nice lassie! is that a wierd comment? Am I too drunk to be starting work NO I AM GERMANO/RUSSIAN


Actual perfection.

You can’t just be symmetrical, there’s something else.

Tadzio could have been anything, right? I mean, you can view him as just an unattainable beautiful thing, it’s almost sad that he’s interchangeable with [insert desire you can only see from afar] but that’s what makes it more real.

I don’t actually use this blog but the one I do use is attached to this account.